Doll Collecting – How To Determine A Vintage Doll’s Value

Do you have vintage dolls stored in a wardrobe some place, saved from your mom’s youth or maybe your own? Assuming this is the case, it’s an ideal opportunity to break them out – they may merit something. Notwithstanding, one of the most exceedingly awful things you can do is to purchase a doll esteems book, look into your dolls, and acknowledge whatever the book says. Understand that numerous things go into deciding the worth of a doll, and yours might be worth extensively not exactly the doll esteems book shows.

As a general rule, three central point go into deciding a doll’s worth. To gauge what your vintage doll is worth, you should choose how every one of these elements apply to your doll.


Despite what the book claims, in case there World Reborn Doll is no interest for your doll you would be probably not going to get that cost. Appeal implies that the doll would sell very high at closeout, or that a doll shop would feel happy with putting an exorbitant cost on it. Low interest implies that dealers need to drop their costs to score a deal.

For example, doll esteem books reliably esteem Madame Alexander International dolls at around $75 each. As a general rule, however, there is almost no interest for these dolls, hence compelling venders to sell them for a third or less of their “esteem.”


One of the top ways of deciding whether your doll is important is to check how uncommon it is. By and large, extraordinariness triggers more popularity, since authorities consistently need what they can’t have. An uncommon collectible that is sought after will have purchasers clamoring to get it first, empowering merchants to request more exorbitant costs, and making closeout esteems take off.

Again utilizing the principal model, during the last part of the 1960s and 1970s, the Madame Alexander Doll Company delivered a considerable number of International dolls. Subsequently, they are bounteously accessible now (and not selling).


The factor that many doll proprietors neglect to think about while assessing the worth of their doll is the condition the doll is in. Regardless of whether a mint Madame Alexander Sweet Violet (an exceptionally uncommon doll from the 1950s) will sell for above and beyond $1,000, a very much played-with doll will often just get a third or less of that sum.

Doll esteem books quite often list the costs for a “mint” doll. For a vintage doll to be mint, it in a real sense needs to look very much like it would have the day it moved off the mechanical production system. For example, a mint doll needs to:

Be perfectly spotless and unplayed with

Have each and every garment or frill that she accompanied

Hold the like-new freshness in her apparel, known as “measuring”

Have brilliant face paint, particularly the blush on her cheeks

Hold the first, firmly twisted arrangement of her hair

Have her unique box as well as hang tag sooner rather than later

Contingent upon the number of these characteristics your doll has, she might be worth impressively not exactly the worth given by your source. In any case, don’t lose heart – even “close mint” and those in “great” condition can be significant. They simply do not merit the eye-popping costs that mint dolls ordinarily order.